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“Allison brings so much to our organization because of her love for people and shows great skills when it comes to dealing with certain people at the hardest times of their lives and is able to provide comfort and support where not many people can. She has proven over and over to myself and the club as a whole that honesty, integrity and sturdiness are assets that make people be successful. When it comes to helping kids in our community to get through their struggles, these are the attributes that we need to exude.”

Tracy Biolos

Project Manager

President of Child Liberation Army MC


“Miss Ward and I have worked together on various projects for over ten years. She has proven to be extremely reliable and trustworthy in addition to always going above and beyond with a strict eye on attention to detail. Allison has managed numerous groups and proven to be an inspiring team leader. It is my opinion that Allison is more than capable of handling any task given with positivity; she will prove to be an asset to any endeavor.”


“Allison has thoroughly and diligently worked on her own self-awareness and spiritual identity for a long time. She recognized during her own self-reflection that she had gifts to help others and began studying for Ministry work. The efforts she has put into knowing her relationship with God and helping others find their spiritual path is impressive.


Last year Allison officiated my daughter's wedding. My friends told me they had never heard a more beautiful and eloquent speech at a service. I still re read those vows and the way she perfectly described my daughter's husband and herself makes me weep with joy. I can’t say enough good things about her to describe the pride and love I feel for her.”

Bina Aspen Rothblatt

Co-Founder, Terasem

Inspiration for Bina48, Android

Valentina Boonstra

Community Organizer

Body Worker  


“I have known Allison for many years and she is a great friend, counselor, and mentor, not only to me, but to many people I know. Her ministry is powerful in the The Word and grounded in scripture. Allison helps everyone she meets develop a personal relationship with God regardless of where they are in their faith. As a former agnostic, I struggled in so many ways while being angry with God. Allison helped me discover the root cause of my suffering and reconcile my faith.


I was baptized by Allison this summer and would higher recommend her as an Officiant. Her humor, kindness, and devotion to serving others are among some of her greatest spiritual gifts. Allison’s counseling has truly been a blessing to my spiritual development and emotional wellbeing. Thank you, Deacon Ward, for sharing your gifts to help so many of us on this spiritual journey.”


“I am truly  blessed to call Allison Ward not only my colleague, but my friend.  Allison’s heart is big.  She is wise beyond her years. She doesn’t back down from a challenge but always finds a way to get things done.  I am so impressed with Allison’s boundless energy, her inner strength, her joy for life, and her capacity to see the big picture while also attending to the small details.  She is great to work with, and great to talk to.  I commend her—and I recommend her!”


“Allison Ward has and always will be my most trusted spiritual advisor. I truly believe that the Lord speaks through her. She officiated my wedding with professionalism and grace. She prays with me when I need comforting and helps me to know God’s love.”

Sarah Hubbard

Social Justice

Michele Buckingham

Vice President

Risky Living Ministries

Alexis Harrison

Vocational Specialist


“Let me just start by saying,  GOD is truly powerful, amazing and great. I have witnessed Allison experience life changing events. Her love and trust for God is amazing, it shows through her COMITTMENT & FAITH  to be of service to others. Her life experiences can and continue help countless others. God has a definite plan for Allison and I am so GRATEFUL I have a front row seat to witness the miracles happening in her life and the lives of others she is touching. My prayer would be that… Everyone could have an opportunity to meet a person like Allison she has truly touched our lives. I am a better human having her in my life.”

Tracy Biolos

Service Coordinator


“I have been fortunate to experience Allison’s understanding of God and His work in my own life. She has facilitated in me opening my heart and my mind to God and the understanding of trust in such a relationship. Through Allison’s guidance in faith, I am more confident to act with my heart knowing that God’s provision ascends all. Allison openly and willingly allows God to lead her in all aspects of her life and is quick to accredit successes and guidance to her chosen path with God. She takes time to be mindful and grateful to God for every moment. When translating this to a friendship it is almost unquantifiable. The modest and humble relationship of Allison to God is aspirational. I am privileged to be a part of Allison’s journey in Ministry and whole heartedly offer my recommendation of her sincerity in Faith.”

Abigail Baldwin

Executive Team Leader

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